13 February, 2013 04:59


Alexander silva


Waukesha Poetry

Check out my new… okay, my old third of 5 or so versions of my new site The Flooded Fox.

It’s Waukesha Poetry.

…and by “Waukesha” I mean I was born and raised here so I’m say’n it’s all “Waukesha Poetry”.


235 Years Old…


I was wrong… YAY !!!

Walker won !!!

Thanks Doyle for that !


  • Vote
  • Don’t vote
  • Whine
  • Complain
  • Throw tomatoes (just don’t hit anyone)
  • Call your President a Marxist Pig
  • Whatever

…You STILL have the right


Kleefisch’s handlers dropped the ball…

She should have busted THIS out !!!

Hmmm, and she should just get a movie and popcorn n close the shades come next “Day of Silence” ay?

(oh, and hurts her election chances by a little more than zero. She wins)

Need a Carpenter ?

Check out Alexander Carpentry ! ! !