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Blogging is dead…

hmmm, must be time for me to pick up my pen… keyboard… eh, phone text thìngy, VIVA LE PEN !


Finally, money well spent

I’ve had the unmitigated pleasure,on more than one occasion, of having to stomp my breaks because of foolish Carrol students leaping from the walk to the street without regards for my two ton bringer of pain barreling down the road.

So, to whomever is responsible for this “crossing guard for the educated idiots”, thank you, lives are being saved.

No lie.

Feel like hamburger..

And not in the juicy Mushroom n Swish Monster Burger kind of way, more like the fell off the grill stepped on and left for the ants kind of way…
I – am – beat

the Rusty Hammer?

Yah.  Been layed off for awhile, so it’s a little rusty.

And I’m tired of trying to be all political and stuff.  I’m usually right about alot of things, but by the time I get around to posting it, it’s old news.

So, in the vain of the original “Off Main” (quite a few versions ago), I post …whatever.