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Waukesha Poetry

Check out my new… okay, my old third of 5 or so versions of my new site The Flooded Fox.

It’s Waukesha Poetry.

…and by “Waukesha” I mean I was born and raised here so I’m say’n it’s all “Waukesha Poetry”.



Kleefisch’s handlers dropped the ball…

She should have busted THIS out !!!

Hmmm, and she should just get a movie and popcorn n close the shades come next “Day of Silence” ay?

(oh, and hurts her election chances by a little more than zero. She wins)

Blogging is dead…

hmmm, must be time for me to pick up my pen… keyboard… eh, phone text thìngy, VIVA LE PEN !

China’s epic traffic jam ‘vanished’

XINGHE COUNTY, China (AFP) – Can a monster traffic jam spanning dozens of miles and leaving drivers stuck for days really disappear overnight?

Hundreds of trucks were on the road to Beijing, packed with everything from produce to live goats — but the traffic was moving.

“The situation has gotten much better recently. I don’t know why,” a female gas station attendant in Huailai county, roughly halfway from the capital to Xinghe county in Inner Mongolia, told AFP.

Hmmm, I wonder if Scrima could work some o that magic here…

(By the way ‘Boss man’, your city… your mess…)

one thru twenty…

It’s so simple.

…Maybe Sha politicians should try to keep all things just a simple as well, no?

(Wow… Does “the Ash” still offer Hookah?)

Scrima’s first 100 dayz…

From my side of town…

And cause I don’t really pay attention, my “list” is short.

  • Things accomplished
    • Ticked off our future water source
    • spent money remodeling his office with cash the sha ain’t got
    • ticked of city administrator (For real, I expected her to resign months ago…) (You’ve got to admit, she ain’t no quitter!)
    • cut at least one ribbon
    • walked the parade
  • Things not yet accomplished
    • …all things great and small

My take…

  • Unless Elmbrook Church comes through with some sort of phone bank for him next election (again?) (Oh wait, that would be sort of illegal wouldn’t it?) he ain’t got a chance against a half decent opponent.

Bet you wished you’d voted for Enriquez, ay?

Well… NOW YOU CAN !!!

Click HERE at the Remington site, AND VOTE ENRIQUEZ !!!

And in true democratic fashion, VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN !!!