November 2010 Elections…

BARRET WINS ! ! ! ! !

Why did.. I mean will… he win?

Because Wisconsin is hurting.

And while hard core conservatives will vote for Walker (I am), most of state voters are fence sitters. And right now the fence is poking them in the wallet. Hard.
No one’s gonna vote for the “cut spending” guy, when a good chunk of state spending is going to put food on their table, and pay for their kids shots.
…So yah, Barret’s already won…
…sure wish I was wrong on that one folks, but history is history.



$1.49 at ALDI?s !!!
Oh heck yes !!!

Mmm Yummy…

Our tap water seems to have a few more sea monkeys than usuall. when does Scrima plan to start mining IO ?


That was Second Daughter screaming at the t.v. as she watched the gov.s debate.
…welcome to politics sweety…

Blogging is dead…

hmmm, must be time for me to pick up my pen… keyboard… eh, phone text thìngy, VIVA LE PEN !

9 – 11 Always remember

…that the enemy is here.
And that no amount of kissyface nicey nice mamby pamby feel good “lets all be friends” bullsh## is going to change that.

You play fair, lets see how far that gets you with a terrorist.